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Medicare for Y'all

The Quick Facts

  • Full coverage: emergency care and transportation, preventive, rehabilitation, inpatient and outpatient, vision and dental care, immunizations, prosthetics, hearing aids, mental health therapy and medications, hospice care, pre/postnatal care, pediatric, and wellness.​ MFA does not cover cosmetic (non-reconstructive) surgery. 

  • High-quality, low-cost, reduced-wait. Let’s let doctors be doctors and nurses be nurses. No more waiting on insurance. 

  • No more copays, premiums, deductibles, or surprise bills.

  • Significantly lower prescription drug costs.

  • Choose your own doctor: all doctors, nurses, clinics, hospitals, and registered therapists are in-network.

  • Saves rural hospitals and clinics.

  • Veterans and military families will have more access to comprehensive care.

  • Reduces red tape. No hassling with insurance companies makes life better.

  • Ends price gouging practices by hospitals, Big Pharma, and corporations.

  • Combines Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA, CHIP, and other federal, state, and regional health programs into a single system.

  • Businesses save an estimated 8-13% per year.

  • Families making $50,000 will save an estimated $5,800 per year.



27 Common Questions



Would I need a referral or pre-approval to see a specialist?

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Will MFA cover non-citizens?

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Will MFA cover the rich?

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Will MFA cover Women's health?

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Will MFA cover Men's Health?

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Will MFA cover gender reassignment?

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Will MFA cover holistic medicine?

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How will MFA affect the VA and Tricare?

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How will MFA affect my prescriptions?

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What about CBD oil or medical marijuana?

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Will MFA cover plastic surgery?

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What are the bill numbers?

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