Community Organizing Guidebook

Healthy Texas and Medicare for Y'all won't just happen―we must make it happen. 


The powers that be will do all that they can to stop us and our movement. That is why Our Revolution Texas developed our Community Organizing Guidebook.

With 25 topics and 138 pages, it covers with great detail all things concerning how to build a movement or launch a campaign.


Topics include: Voter Databases & VAN Training; MiniVAN Training; Block Walking; Text Banking; Phone Banking; Mass Email; Action Network Training; Postal Mail; Digital & Mass Media; Voter Registration; Fundraising; Visibility; Messaging; On Resistance; Rules for Nonprofits & PACs; Robert’s Rules of Order; Code of Conduct; Guide to Writing Bylaws; On Endorsements; Roles, Committees, & Caucuses; Unions; Coalition Building; On The Issues; Running for Office; and more.

How to Get Your Copy

For Dues-Paying Members:

As a membership-based organization, all dues-paying members of Our Revolution Texas are eligible to receive a free copy of our Guidebook upon request. Limit of one free copy per member.

Email us at: to request your free member copy and/or additional copies.

For Non-Members:

Our Guidebooks are currently only available to dues-paying members of ORTX. Dues start at $5 a month and come with other benefits. Learn more below.

Digital Copy:

All dues-paying members are eligible to receive a free digital copy of our guidebook. Email us at to request your digital copy.