Healthy Texas

Medicare for Y'all

The Healthy Texas Act―or what we can call Medicare for Y'all―will help satisfy the healthcare needs for every Texan. It includes:

Full coverage: emergency care and transportation, preventive, rehabilitation, inpatient and outpatient, vision and dental care, immunizations, prosthetics, hearing aids, mental health therapy and medications, hospice care, pre/postnatal care, pediatric, and wellness.​

High-quality, low-overhead care. Let’s let doctors be doctors and nurses be nurses.

No more copays, premiums, or deductibles.

Significantly lower prescription drug costs.

Choose your own doctor: all doctors, nurses, clinics, hospitals, and registered therapists are in-network.

Save rural hospitals and clinics.

Provides comprehensive care and better access for veterans and military families.

Reduce bureaucracy. No hassling with insurance companies makes life better.

Ends price gouging practices by hospitals, Big Pharma, and corporations.

Combines Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA, CHIP, and other federal, state, and regional health programs into a single system.

Will help small businesses save $$ by an estimated 22% per year.

Families will save money: A family making $50,000 will save an estimated $5,800 per year.


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