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Healthcare Horror Story

When a population lacks health insurance, some research has shown, the mortality rate increases by 3%. If true, and given that 25-27 million Americans lack insurance, this means around 800,000 people are going to pass away early. 800,000 people. Mothers and father, brothers and sisters, grandparents and children, spouses and friends. It’s a mind boggling number to think about, so let’s put it into human terms.

I have a friend who might die because they don’t have insurance. They have a series of ailments that likely will require surgery, or as the corporate bigwigs would call it “pre-existing conditions,” even though simply being alive is a pre-existing condition in waiting. They’re too sick to work, they have been told they can’t get health insurance if they can’t work, and the Far Right zealots are doing everything they can to destroy Medicaid, Medicare, the ACA, along with basic human decency.

Everyone has a healthcare horror story. It seems like no matter where you go or who you talk to, either we ourselves or someone we know is suffering.

We cannot afford to compromise on healthcare. There are somethings we can compromise on, like on deciding where to meet friends for lunch, but healthcare is not one of those things, because in those instances we’re not compromising on the “what” as much as we’re compromising the lives and livelihoods of millions.

Medicare for All, which Healthy Texas is a stepping stone towards, is an uncompromising solution for, of, and by the people. Our Revolution Texas, along with our many wonderful allies, are leading the charge to ensure no one compromises our healthcare future.

Always remember that lives are on the line. If we succeed with Healthy Texas and Medicare for All, people live. Our work is a matter of life and death for hundreds of thousands of people. There’s little work that’s as meaningful as that. Become a world changer, join the movement striving to save lives. Be the change.

Solidarity, Our Revolution Texas

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