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Summary of Healthy Texas Act

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Summary of the Healthy Texas Act of 2019

When enacted, the Healthy Texas Act will guarantee that every resident of Texas will receive comprehensive healthcare services. It’s like Medicare for All. Individuals will have free choice of licensed health professionals and services. Covered benefits will include services to keep people healthy—mentally and physically— as well as those services that diagnose and treat diseases. In addition to emergency services, surgeries, and hospital stays, services such as home healthcare, day care and hospice are covered. Vision and dental care are also included. The Healthy Texas Act has been crafted to provide a single high standard of safe, therapeutic care for all Texas residents in a manner that is financially sustainable:

⛑ Choose any provider. No more surprise bills. No out-of-pocket costs for covered services.

⛑ Eliminates co-pays for Medicare Part B.

⛑ Lower prescription drug costs.

⛑ Regional planning to reduce overlap and duplication of expensive equipment and facilities.

⛑ Provider rates which will be negotiated to ensure access, cost control and high-value services.

⛑ The advances from the Affordable Care Act will be folded into the new system.

⛑ Huge cost-savings from reduced bureaucracy. No more insurance company runaround. No more bill collectors.

⛑ Diverse participants including ordinary citizens and representatives of labor and business, as well as various health care professionals and health policy experts, will advise and help design the Healthy Texas program.

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